How often do we wish to travel in milliseconds to a beloved person, or to visit places, we only know from pictures?

Despite the fact that teleportation remains a dream for the future, it is already possible for us to travel virtually to different places or people. Daily we use technical devices that allow us to hear and see a person on the other side of the world. The idea of the Space Capsule project tries to maximize these illusions by building capsules connected in virtual reality. The main focus of the implementation lies in the construction of the capsules for different world metropolises. All capsules have the same function, but vary in their cultural and architectural influences.

Wie oft wünschen wir uns in Millisekunden zu einer geliebten Person zu reisen oder Orte zu besuchen, die wir nur von Bildern kennen?

Trotz der Tatsache, dass Teleportation ein Zukunftstraum bleibt, ist es uns immerhin schon möglich, virtuell zu unterschiedlichen Plätzen oder Personen zu reisen. Dabei benutzen wir täglich technische Geräte, die es uns möglich machen, eine Person auf der anderen Seite der Welt zu hören und über einen Bildschirm zu sehen. Des Projektes Space Capsule
ermöglicht uns die Überbrückung von Distanzen mithilfe virtueller Realität ohne Zeitverlust zu verwirklichen. Die Kapseln werden in unterschiedlichen Metropolen installiert, sie besitzen die gleiche Funktionalität, variieren jedoch in Bezug auf ihre kulturellen und architektonischen Einflüsse.


City identity
Graphic design and architecture
Virtual traveling

Individual work


Gitta Pardoel

October 2016 – February 2017


City Identity

So what exactly defines the identity of different city’s around the World? On one hand we have cultural aspects, for example the taste of food and usage of language or even the walking speed of pedestrians. On the other hand it is possible to identify a city simply by looking at a specific landmark or even their skyline. From a graphical-design perspective, one can even go as far as to compare city’s to a corporate identity. Both have their individual culture, behavior, communication and design. So one way to adjust the space capsules in different cities, can be by shaping their appearance  to the „cities-corporate-designs“. In this Projekts these "design-influences" are defined through simple the graphical parameters size, color, material and shape.

To secure a consistent identity trough the different capsule forms, it is important that they possess about the same volume of around 15m2. Each form varies in heigh, length or weight to support their different influences.

New York – Time Square: glass, neon lights, metal stairways,white bricks
The Hague – Hofvijver: dutch brick, glass, white painted wood or plastic
Jerusalem – Fountain: sandstone, wooden blue painted doors and windows
Rio de Janeiro – Favelas: corrugated sheet, bricks, rust

New York – Time Square: fast, loud, rich, futuristic, massive, big, crowded, artistic, technical
The Hague – Hofvijver: clean, rich, traditional, narrow, geometrical, parallel, square, functional
Jerusalem – Fountain: old, dry, religious, majestic, massive ,traditional, endless
Rio de Janeiro – Favelas: dangerous, twisted, rhythmic, poor, self-made

To define a different color scheme for each locations, mood boards are used to pick out the primary colors in the pictures.

What about the project identity?

But to create the understanding for the users, that the capsules around the world are connected, it is very important that all capsules share the same identity. As in the example of Mac Donald’s, each restaurant around the world shows different influences in its architecture, but shares the same identity in its logo and primary color scheme. For that reason the project needs an identity serving in form of regulations to the form changing parameters to connect all capsules to one project. Trying to find a basic construction identity for the capsule form I stumbled over a architectural building in my home town. The building, a simple beton cube is packaged in a metal construction, creating a surreal and modern look.  The goal of the Identity is to let the Viewer know from the first sight , that these capsules are connected. So the actual capsule a beton cube, stays the same for every location, but is packaged in different hollow and open constructions, reflecting all influences. The capsule size is build for a one person experience and has the measurings of 1,6m x 1,6m x 2,2m, with a total volume of 5,6m2.


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